We don’t belong here

We’re all just a bunch of people Roaming around with broken hearts, Faking smiles every hour As if, this is what we’re destined to do. Pondering if we’re really wretched?. We are. We are wretched and sterile. For, we don’t belong here. This place, is way too vulnerable for us. So, let’s run away. What […]

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Beautiful Disasters

Disasters are beautiful. The way they come tip-toed, Without giving a clue. Then screaming and thrashing all around, As if fed-up of own expectations. Or maybe, lost inside their own brains? Letting go off the burdens, Crying heavy thunders of betrayal And bursting off rage as lightening. Scattering death and collecting lives, As if creating […]

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Torment: Scars of love

I’m having a ghastly feeling, With dreams of myself gently fading. My bones feel severely heavy and weighted. But my mind, it feels completely vacated. Confused, I look myself in the mirror: Eye to eye, they’ve lost desire. What should I do now? Where should I go? Who’s gonna shelter me, Knowing my deliquency? Why […]

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